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For Immediate Release - Houston, TX

Please join Chairidee Smith, CEO of MoguLife Real Estate, nationally recognized women's leadership speaker, and author on Monday, August 21, 2017 for an interview with the Houston Housewives of Finance on women and wealth. Ms.Smith will share how home-ownership provides bedrock for wealth accumulation, and more. Every woman whether married, divorced,single or single-parent must tune in for strategies, how-to steps, and humorous lifestyle anecdotes!

Ms. Mogul® speaks to women business-owners about real estate and wealth-building strategies.

Ms. Mogul® speaks to women business-owners about real estate and wealth-building strategies.

Check out this edition of The Money Factor with Ms. Mogul® herself, Chairidee Smith, CEO of MoguLife Real Estate.  

Your home is not just pretty cabinets and features.  It's the first pillar to your mogul way of living.  We're  talking home-buying strategies, women and wealth, how to leverage investing for real estate, forex for your home, and more!  THIS PODCAST WAS ON FIRE!

Do you need the steps and strategies to #MoguLizeYourLife? Watch this! The entire segment  here!  

Big thanks to Toni Sanders, Co-Founder of Houston Housewives of Finance for hosting  Ms. Mogul® and to The Sphere Podcast Network for a wonderful experience.

Ms. Mogul®Electrifies Listeners!

Hear What Business and Industry Leaders Are Saying About Ms. Mogul®

Look at Your Home As An Investment. You're "in business" For Yourself and Your Family. Create A Personal Economy. #BeAMogul!

Hear What Business and Industry Leaders Are Saying About Ms. Mogul®

“Ms.Mogul® herself, Chairidee Smith took The Money Factor Show at The Sphere Network to the next level! She truly embodies the concept of financial freedom and brings forth a message that anyone and every should be attached to. With a combination of passion, desire, and expertise, Chairidee is truly a one-stop-shop for anyone wanting to become a real estate and lifestyle Mogul.”

— Garry T. Lee, Founder & General Mgr. of The Sphere Network, Houston, TX

“Thank you for sharing these gems! I never considered looking at my home as a business and using it as a way to generate income independent of my business. This interview was priceless! I now understand that my home is a part of my business portfolio. I can’t wait until your next interview!”

— Kimberly Gant, Leadership and Business Dev. Expert - Greater Atlanta, GA

“What a pleasure it is to grow from the wisdom of Ms. Chairidee Smith. Chairidee delivers her knowledge and experience with power when she speaks. Hosting her on our podcast and doing LIVE sessions with her is inspiring! Women from all walks of life can look forward to listening and learning from her!”

— LaShonda Johnson, Black Enterprise Speaker, Co-Founder of HHOF, Co-Host of The MoneyFactor Podcast, Radio Personality at KYND - Houston, TX

“Ms. Chairidee Smith is a great role model for women. Ms. Smith is a speaker for the upcoming We Rise To Inspire Conference. I appreciate how she provides insight in this interview educating women to be more financially conscious. Her expertise and experience in real estate shows she knows what she’s talking about. I can’t wait to see what she conquers next. She’s a trailblazer.”

— Michelle Wong, Host -Work Your Money Podcast, CEO & Founder of Work Your Money Grp., Pres & Founder -We Rise To Inspire, Manhattan, New York

“The interview with The Money Factor was so informative and the investment strategies were great! I was thoroughly educated by this segment.”

— Kisha(Last Name Withheld)- Houston Police Department


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