Projecting your mind into a positive situation is the most powerful means to achieve success.
— Estee Lauder

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About Ms. Mogul™.

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself...ALOUD!
— CoCo Chanel

She's A Modern Day Renaissance Woman.

Chairidee Smith , author of The Roar Of A Woman is a nationally recognized and celebrated speaker, Realtor®, business leader, visionary, entrepreneur, and media personality with 15 years of business and leadership successes in the Houston market and national business and women’s empowerment scene.

For over a decade, Ms. Smith, also known as Ms. Mogul ®has utilized keynote speaking opportunities, leadership development, keynote speaking, business start up and growth, mentoring, entrepreneurial ventures, and global enterprise to not only fuel the Houston economy, but women’s businesses in global economies.
Ms. Smith is founder of the ROAR!® Women’s Network and annual ROAR!® Women’s Leadership Summit, Legacy Leadership Institute for Girls, and Girls Global Leadership Day, celebrated October 11 in accordance with the United Nations’ Day of the Girl Child, and Business Symposium: Growing Small Businesses. Fueling Houston’s Economy.


Recognized for challenging the status quo and conventional business paradigms with a proven track record for building effective teams with long-lasting collaborative relationships, Ms. Smith aka Ms. Mogul® is smashing glass ceilings, defying stereotypes, and defining success and what it means to be successful, empowered, and beautiful in her own terms.  Out of that new mantra and approach to doing business, MoguLife® and MOGULU Real Estate Academy emerged.
MoguLife® is not your typical run of the mill real estate firm.  This company is all about embracing Ms. Mogul’s ®brand of doing business, particularly when it comes to real estate sales, lifestyle branding, and event planning – “bring a couture approach to doing business.”

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