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The purpose of " A Day of Hope" founded by Chairidee Smith, who is also the founder of Girls Global Leadership Day, is to remind our friends and neighbors in Spring ISD that we are rallying round our community and we're here for the long haul.  It's important that we clearly convey to our community, it is important that our neighbors SEE US present and in " the trenches" with them when national media attention is gone.  Why?  WE live here.  

So many of our students, faculty, and administrators after surviving the adversity of Hurricane Harvey, will not be the same people returning to class on September 11th, as they were August 17th.  They are forever changed and they need us now more than ever.


In an effort to embrace our students and community, Ms. Smith, also know as Ms. Mogul® reached out to her favorite, local station 89.3 KSBJ to partner  in showing love and support to our parents, students, and administrators upon their return.  We will have volunteers from the Prayer and Care Team with Director Pernell Hill and myself simply walk students to class, offer a kind word to returning teachers and administrators, and have the prayer van on site in the parking lot for those voluntary participants wanting a bit more time and attention.  

The goal for Ms. Smith  is for this effort to add an extra layer of love and welcome for everyone's return.  

This year, we are touring  3 schools, highlighting the best examples of Spring ISD's achievement; Early College Academy, Pat Reynolds Elementary, and Eickenroht Elementary.

This will not be a one day community outreach.  As a result to Ms. Smith's ability to connect people and build relationships, KSBJ and Spring ISD are discussing plans to host monthly events in the Spring and Cypress areas monthly, beginning October,  2017.  We LOVE our community!




"A Day of Hope for Spring ISD" was an epic success!!!

We welcomed our students back to Spring ISD on #9/11 with #HOPE!!

Special thanks to our Corporate Partner, KSBJ 89.3 radio and Prayer Initiatives Manager Pernell Hill for bringing the KSBJ and volunteers along with us. We prayed with students and faculty, loved them, hugged them and reassured them that we've made it through tough times in the past, and we as a community will make it through this. Many students lost homes and suffered significant damage and losses. I am so glad the volunteers of KSBJ were there as an extra arm of support and comfort for those returning from #Harvey.

The day would not have been possible if it were not for the support I have received from Spring ISD through the years. BIG thanks to Dr. Rodney Watson, Superintendent of Spring ISD for his vision of growth and community involvement within the Spring ISD community and his concern for our students' well-being. Also, I want to thank Director Leticia Grounds and Coordinator Tranita Carroll, leadership within the community outreach initiatives of Spring for being on-site with open arms for our returning students.

Spring ISD has some of the best schools and professionals in education industry educating our children. I had the pleasure of standing alongside 3 of them for #ADayOfHope. Principal Diane Kimberly of Early College Academy, Principal Rodney Louis of Pat Reynolds, Principal Robbie Green and Assit. Principal Shiela Tyler of Eickenroht Elementary were stellar examples of leadership and hope for returning students. It was a privilege to serve with them on Monday.

Finally, I have the best volunteers and friends in the world. I could not have complete the mission of bringing hope to students without Karon Washington of Karon Couture, Raquel Waldon of Diamond Coaching for You, Cynthia Hall - KSBJ Volunteer, Angela Mitchell of Angela's Place - A Home for Girls, Drs. Albert and Marciela Anderson and BOLIM, Maranatha Global Ministries, and MoguLife Real Estate. I LOVE YOU TO LIFE!

This is just the beginning. We have months of work ahead of us AND WE WILL GET THERE. In the meantime, I'm trying to do my part for the Spring Community. Please consider donating to the gofundme account I've launched. Money from this account goes directly to the schools to help school lunch/grocery needs for students still adversely affected, replacement of school supplies and uniforms for students in need. The link is here and YOUR DONATION IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE as I am a non-profit entity with a well documented history of supporting students of Spring ISD in this way.



    We can't stop now...

    In an effort to embrace our students and community, Ms. Smith, also known as Ms. Mogul® launched this account to meet the immediate and on-going needs of students at  Early College Academy, Pat Reynolds Elementary, and Eickenroht Elementary - i.e. Pay lunch accounts for students whose parents cannot work because of adversities directly related to the storm, purchase new school supplies, uniforms, and shoes for students demonstrating need, and scholarships for schools' use as they deem necessary.

    Please help me shoulder the burden of friends and neighbors at Spring ISD. Why? THESE ARE OUR NEIGHBORS. OUR FRIENDS. OUR STUDENTS.

    I am particularly reaching my fellow realtors®, churches, friends in the small business and corporate communities. Donations are write-offs!  LET'S HELP EACH OTHER.

    Thank you in advance for your heart and your tangible efforts to make a difference.




    Chairidee Smith, Ms. Mogul®

    MoguLife Real Estate - Houston, TX